Growth Update #1 Aug2017

An old post I started back in August last year. Sorry for those that have been waiting for updates more to come now in the coming weeks…

There isnt much in the system right now and it has been a bit bumpy for the plants due to no water circulation a couple times during plumbing work for a few days.

But its not looking bad and we where delighted to harvested our first batch of Chillies (August2017). Thank you Fishies!! 🙂

They are very small and but this is the plants first batch of fruits. The Plant has been bought at 10cm size and planted end of April in the Brio35 and then transferred to the big system in July so I am quite impressed how quick this cycle goes. Will be interesting to see when it will start the flowers for the next batch.

Here some pictures of the fast ripening transition from Green to Red within 3 days.


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